Crawford Family Auctions prides itself on being a one-stop shop for all of your consignment needs. We try to remain as flexible as possible in dealing with each of our customers unique situations and needs. If you still aren't sure if we will be able to assist you after reading through our services, please give us a call or email us. Below is a list of all the services we offer.

Estate Services List:

  • Consignments - We handle consignments both large and small from walk-ins to full estate consignments. Our rates are reasonable and our warehouse can accommodate a consignment of any size. Regular consignments include antique collectibles from clocks to oddities, furniture both antique, mid century & modern, instruments, vehicles, jewelry, coins, and everything in between. Please email or call with questions regarding consignments and set up a free consultation from Steve Crawford. 
  • Buy-outs - Sometimes a potential consignors assets need to be liquidated even faster than an auction can provide, and in these situations we pride ourselves on our flexibility. In these cases it is possible to sell your goods to us for a lump sum, after which we do the rest and you no longer need to worry about a thing. This service is particularly useful for customers moving out of state, executors and trustees of estates, or if you just don’t want to go through the auction process, but still want to utilize Crawford Family Auctions.
  • Real Estate - Co- Owner Carmen Crawford is a licensed broker through Van Dorm Realty in the Olympia, WA area and can list your real estate for you after we have handled your consignments. This is just another step that Crawford Family Auctions takes to insure that no matter what your situation is, we can provide that next level of service that truly does exceed expectations.
  • Estate Sales  & On-site Auctions-  Occasionally we will run across an estate that would be better suited for an estate sale or on-site auction. In those cases you can expect the same level of attentiveness and professionalism that we exercise with our consignments at our storefront. We will completely set up your house for the sale, advertise in your local area as well as with our existing customer base, and outlying cities. In addition to putting on great estate sales/on-site auctions, we go one step further and after the sale is done we can take any remaining items and put them on consignment in our auction house, maximizing the earning potential for you and your estate. 

Our Story

Crawford Family Auctions is the premier auction house in the Puget Sound Area, family owned and operated, with over 40 years of combined sales experience. We do our best to provide a service that embodies the level of care and attentiveness that is expected of a multi-million dollar auction house, but with the approach-ability and friendly demeanor that exemplifies a small family owned business. We host several live & simultaneously online auctions monthly at our large 15,000 sq. ft warehouse in Olympia, WA. Each auction is unique and has a wide array of fine antiques, modern furniture, collectibles, art, tools and sometimes even vehicles or extremely rare pieces. In addition to our selection we have a large seating area, a small food stand, and a down to earth family vibe that is rare to find nowadays. It's always free to attend (until you buy something) and always enjoyable with the big personalities of our two auctioneers - Steve Crawford and Mark Struli. Our crew is top notch as well and work hard to make sure each item is clean and prepared for auction, and after the auction is over they help package and load up items for our winning bidders. 

To help further tell our story, and explain why we do what we do, here is a personal letter from our owner

"Dear Potential Bidders & Long Time Customers,

All of my life since I was a young child, I have had a fascination and love for the rich history that is so deeply rooted in antiques. It’s actually what got me hooked on collecting and later on in life, auctions. When I see a collectible, whether it’s a coin, a piece of furniture or other, my imagination instantly takes me back to the time period associated with that piece. I imagine the people who owned it, their lifestyle, and the memories they might have made with said item. I feel the nostalgia, and I’m reminded of why I started doing auctions in the first place. Because I love auctions. In fact, when people ask me what got us started in this business I often joke that I went to an auction once, and over a decade later I haven’t left yet.


auction 4.jpg

"When I see a collectible, whether it's a coin,

a piece of furniture or other, my imagination instantly takes me back..."

I love the excitement that I see on someone’s face when they have won a bid and have found a new piece to add to their collection. I hope that everyone who attends our auctions or comes to our store can find a little piece of history to take home with them, and hand down through their family. It does not escape us, that when we auction an estate we are not just auctioning a person’s items, but their memories as well. The beauty of it all is that one day, these items that pass through our auction house will find a new home, and those owners will have started traditions entirely their own. Thus starting the cycle all over again, creating new memories to be felt and loved by future auction goers for decades to come. .

We hope you can make it down soon or be with us online, I know I'll be here helping others capture that special feeling that only comes from winning an unexpected treasure. "


Steve Crawford